Slocan Boat Ramp (Past Project)

Project Category: Earth/Civil

During 2005-2006 Delterra was requested to plan and design a new boat ramp for the Village of Slocan.     At the time the single ramp was next to the mill so it was crowded and filled up with bark.     Many boaters wanting Slocan Lake access bypassed  Slocan for a longer drive to New Denver and Silverton with better boat ramps.

This new double boat ramp has turned out to be popular, accessible, and the easy access and parking has been attractive to south Kootenay boaters, who now come into Slocan.   The Council is looking for the increased traffic and support for the local businesses.

The biggest challenge with the ramp was to cast the bottom halves on shore, and wait for the 10 day cure period to avoid fresh concrete pollution in the water.   The bottom halves were then bulldozed into the Lake using Delterra designed metal tracks under the slab to help with a straight push.  The top halves were then cast on shore during low lake water levels.

This ramp, center dock (adjustable), and breakwater has been great for the community.