Company Profile

Trevor portrait

Delterra has been hired by municipalities and resorts/private owners for water, wastewater, civil and energy projects.  Project values typically range from $5000 to $5 Million.  Delterra Engineering Ltd was incorporated in February 2006 as a company specializing in Public and Private water and wastewater treatment projects. Trevor Shephard, P.Eng., principal and owner,  has over 20 years of continuous engineering experience solving process and civil engineering problems. The last 12 years have been directly concerned with water/wastewater treatment, and municipal    civil engineering.  Located in Kelowna, Delterra can partner with a wide range of local specialty firms to make a good project team.   In this way, a small flexible company can manage larger projects, with lower overheads.

Delterra Engineering Ltd is a company that specializes in projects that integrate sustainable water systems, wastewater systems and energy systems. There is often an integrated solution that uses a     combined approach, for example hydro or solar power combined with water delivery and treatment.  Municipal and larger private water systems can be designed to incorporate energy generation and recovery.  For example, remote infrastructure such as water intakes and pressure reduction installations can generate electricity from micro-hydro or solar rather than run long power lines to the site. Hydropower may be generated from existing water supply piping. Wastewater may be treated and recycled for use in irrigation, or the heat retained in wastewater reclaimed by the use of heat pump equipment.

Whatever the project, Delterra Engineering can take a “Big Picture” approach and look at the best sustainable design solution that integrates potable water needs, wastewater usage and energy reduction or generation.    We will listen to your needs, and work with you to find a solution that works best for all involved.   Trevor Shephard, P.Eng  enjoys working with with municipal operators and owners to discuss what works for the people that will be operating the new equipment/plant.