Our Services

  1. Design, Consulting, Planning of  water, wastewater and energy projects, for public and private owners.
  2. Potable Water Treatment Design, Filtration, Disinfection, Monitoring
  3. Water Source and Delivery Options, pumps, pressure reducing stations, reservoirs.
  4. Wastewater Treatment Plants, Treatment, Disposal, Re-Use.
  5. Selection of sustainable energy systems such as hydro, solar, and heat recovery.
  6. Working with government approval agencies, health officials, permits
  7. Application for grant funding from all sources for sustainable projects.
  8. Project Management
  9. CAD design drawings and approval drawings.
  10. Tendering of contracts and contract management
  11. Inspection of construction process through to commissioning.
  12. Hands on and practical solutions from an engineer who has worked in construction before university.

Delterra Engineering Ltd work with you to innovate new solutions to old problems of clean water and clean energy for communities, municipalities and private systems.