Waterways Houseboats Water and Sewer (Past Project)

Project Category: Water

Delterra Engineering Ltd  was hired to completely rebuild the water system on the Two Mile site located on Mara Lake, two miles south of Sicamous, BC.    The old site had a very shallow lake intake and poor water supply and treatment equipment as shown in the attached pictures.     The improvements were dramatic as shown in the attached before and after pictures.   The project expanded into a Mara Lake Source Water study for Interior Health Authority (IHA) which had never been done before, even with decades of resort water use on the lake.   Additional work included:

  • New intake design and deeper intake screens- diver installed.
  • Cleanup and rebuilding of the treatment room.
  • New pumps, filters, chlorinator, UV lamps.
  • New water distribution system serving washrooms, boat tank filling, office buildings.
  • IHA and Regional District approvals.

In addition a wastewater handling system  was constructed to handle the holding tank black water from the many houseboats, some of which held 30 people for several days.    Pumps, holding tanks, and odour control was required, as there was no municipal sewer at this site.   the wastewater was held and trucked to Sicamous STP  by tanker.